The technological shift in the industry being constant in nature, we at SACC INC have always been on the hunt to add up resources and thus bring out the best and the most updated consultative results for our clients. We are the associates who partner you to innovate, create and stabilize the backbone of your organization. Our service in the corporate world on a global scale includes:

Software Application Services

We utilize the latest-upgraded database version and resources- to provide customized consulting and programming services to our clients through our Software Application Services. This stratum of servicing includes processing such as business software analysis, application of graphical interface, a prototype development and the required database optimization supported by the theoretical values of Software development aided by their necessary maintenance theories across a wide range of technicalities. Being in the industry for this period- we have kept our proceedings flexible enough to assist our clients in managing projects or even augmenting the client's team with the required skills.

Our deliberate focus is to work on the requirements of the projects and thus we choose to enlarge or shrink the size of the team as per the necessities. We match the perfect balance with a dedicated team, technologies, tools, processes and the acquired methodologies suiting the requirements of the client. According to the opted values- we serve as an extension to the team of our clients.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Bringing customized ERP solutions to an organization through us caters to the needs of automation, planning, collaboration and execution on behalf of the specific business requirements. The modern methodology of implementation of the same involves a flexible architecture, a web-based user interface for maximized competitive advantage and automates the key business process to integrate the best results internally as well as externally. The motive being the extraction of quality resources- we motivate business logistics with the application of Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Sap etc. - whichever preferred. The implementation of these ERP solutions aim at sorting the following necessities:

  • Project management
  • System configuration
  • Data mapping and conversion
  • Application optimization
  • Application customization
  • Web enablement
  • Custom report writing—SQR language, nVision, Report Writer, Crystal Reports
  • Integrated systems testing
  • Fit gap analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Technology infrastructure planning
  • Impact assessment
  • Security assessment
  • Business process reengineering

Business Process Outsourcing

The objectives of Business Process Outsourcing though have been constant; the processing has evolved largely over the time. From process improvement, cost savings, reduced head counts, strengthening global presence, focus on core competencies and business value addition- Business Process Outsourcing is known to act as the catalysts for organizations looking for multi-faceted growth. Known to be a boom in the industry- Business Process Outsourcing requires its own segment of strategic planning and enforcements which is mastered by SACC INC. Our theory of putting forth Business Intelligence (BI) to exceed SLA'a and optimize processes has been acclaimed highly by our clients.

The Dual Shore Model implementation in this league works towards reducing the defects of variable verifications of application functionality. With an increased coverage on process outsourcing by leveraging the time-zone differences- we aim at expanding the working hours; enhancing productivity for our clients. The phases of planning, designing, executing and reporting being set to a well maintained structure- we implement to maximize the output.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Data Acquisition and Integration, Data Repository, Data Delivery, Analysis, Metadata Management and Cost Reduction being the major keys in the process, we at SACC INC are experienced at using all the Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) methodologies to assist our clients draw their requirements from the storehouse in the minimum wasted time and thus add to the productivity of an organization. Our processing in DW and BI are stated for the greater mode of ultimately supporting the Enterprise Planning efforts by an organization. Initiating from the client's architecture- we analyze and decipher the technologies tools and data in their required mode to build up a database with more important and refined information.

Technology Infrastructure Services

SACC INC has been working all these years to create the most beneficial business atmosphere for our clients. We acknowledge the fact that an ERP solution is irrelevant and incomplete without the proper implementation of Technology Infrastructure Services. The aim of the process is to allow clients- the flexibility to arrange the basic infrastructural necessities inclusive of internet service, web presence, network, e-mail environment and management. With the maintenance of the backend databases, mainframe systems and enterprise servers supported by the proper data and operating systems, we ensure the multiple usage of software’s by implementing our Software Application Services.

Business & Technology Solutions

Our consulting features for clients in terms of Business & Technology Solutions support the use of the leading softwares in the industry like Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics, FRx, Citria and the other vendors in the league. The gist of the same is to draw the best possible resourced solution for the operational support for an organization. We analyze our client's business environment and thus adhere to a team depending on the results who consult and conduct the necessary proceedings of leveraging the technology inducted sections. Our understanding of Business Solutions being dedicated and ethical- we work towards providing the best consultation to our clients to increase the operational support.

Staffing Services

Being beamingly strong in this segment of client servicing, SACC INC takes pride in acclaiming the fact that we are the best known organization when it comes to providing Staffing services to our clients. With a huge resource of database- we are dedicated to build on the relations that we lay down amongst our clients and associates. We specialize in laying the perfect platform for uniting opportunities and talent- provisioning the circumference for permanent as well as short term recruitments. A huge listing of clientele with our staffing services have had major share in success with a proven track record over the years supporting the idea of partnering with the right people. With the importance of researching and recruiting senior individuals to the client organizations: our Executive Search is quite renowned within the domain. The requirements being made stable; our focus in this nature of services is definitive keeping the resource and the search criteria as variable.

Outsourcing and Offshoring

The need to Offshore Outsourcing being completely dependant on an organization's requirements- we acknowledge the advantages and the needs of the process as a whole. SACC INC has seen the rise of the industry requirements over the year and therefore has savored the impact and the required resources for the same process. The advantages being highly lucrative- the focus of the process and our method of implementation have been kept simple- cost effectivity, better skillsets, expanding working hours and better focus on the core competencies.